Who are we? And why are we showing these movies?

CinemArts was created with only one goal in mind:

To bring film and film appreciation to downtown Frederick on a regular basis.

This isn't to say that other organizations haven't been doing this. There are a number of great arts presenters show film periodically and we intend to compliment these presentations...not compete with them. The ocean of film out there is not only broad, it's deep...VERY deep. No TEN organizations could approach covering it all, but we will do our best.

During our early stages we're going to focus on underscreened films that may not have made it to the area when they were first released. This is generally due to the perception that the audience for these films would be small. No matter. They're wonderful films and deserve to be seen the way they were intended...on a large screen...not the TV.

They run the course from foreign films to documentaries to forgotten classics to so called "art house" films...that is, films released domestically but that might not have received the support they deserved during their initial run.

Once we've established ourselves -- and we've got you trusting us -- we're going to mix it up a bit. Experimental films perhaps. Concert films. Theme months. Double features. Remember, we would never show it if we didn't think it didn't deserve to be shown. Take a chance and have fun.

Speaking of having fun, we haven't forgotten that movies are entertainment...they shouldn't bend the brain ALL the time. So we've got surprises you wouldn't believe in store. Mini-festivals, multi-genre presentations, even midnight movies! As we grow we'll be adding other nights of programming as well as -- possibly --multiple venues!

Our programming will be done usually only about twelve weeks ahead...this allows us to take advantage of new releases quicker and can make some of our programming very topical or related to current events. The point is, always check this website for the latest news as to what we're showing.

We hope you come along with us for the ride. Film is one of the most accessable of art forms...everyone enjoys a good movie...and do we have good movies!


Who are we anyway?

Kevin Campbell - Director of Programming

Kevin is one of the founders of the organization and currently holds the position of Director of Marketing and Programming. He has been a member of the Weinberg Center's MovieTime committee for three years, currently works for the US Department of Energy and is an MBA Candidate at Hood College.


Walter Chalkley - Executive Director

Walter is also one of the founders and holds the position of Executive Director. He has been a member of the Weinberg Center's MovieTime at the Tivoli committee for five years, holding the position of chairman of that committee for the last four. He is currently an editor for a regulatory bulletin and is MA candidate at Frostburg University.



Hans Weise

Hans is a producer and writer for the TV channel Animal Planet, and also teaches digital film production at the Corcoran College of Art. He holds two BFAs in Film Production and Cinema Studies.


Pete Iype

Pete Iype is an accountant for a Frederick-area bio-tech company. As a member of the Virginia Tech Student Union, he was instrumental in bringing critically acclaimed film and popular concerts to the Blacksburg, Virginia campus. Pete's strengths are in the operational and technical aspects of film presentation.


The Mission of CinemArts:

Our organization's mission is to provide access and exposure to the art of film and film appreciation to the Frederick community through exhibition of films and other film-related educational activities. Also, to stimulate the recognition of the artistic merit of film and to foster an appreciation of different cultures, cultural artistic styles, and history through the viewing and discussion of international and documentary films.