How to donate and who has done it before!

First, we need to thank our early donors...without them we would have never gotten this far. So, before going any further:

The Frederick Arts Council and the folks at the Cultural Arts Center - Without the Council's offer of time, support, facilities and supplies we would still be a year away from ANYTHING!

Nando Amabile - A true film fan and patron of the arts. Called out of the blue and offered his support when we needed it most.

Eric Krasner of CineGraphic Studios at 10 North Market made a surprise and quite generous contribution (he joined at the DIRECTOR level). He wanted to do his part to support film in Frederick, please return the favor and support his store!

So you're probably wondering how YOU can donate too!

It's easy and there are so many ways!

First, and easiest, buy a year supporting membership. The membership gets you goodies, a few free tickets, and the warm knowledge that you too are a patron of the arts and are responsible for bringing film to downtown Frederick! You can read more about membership levels on our Join Now page!

Buy a shirt! That's right, a shirt. Go to our online store and buy a shirt or a hat or a sweatshirt or a clock even. It's a nice way to help out CinemArts and you get a pretty cool item as well. Our shirts will also be available from time to time at the concession stand.

Donate! If just a good old donation feels best for you, please feel free. No amount is too small (or too large for that matter) and every dollar will help bring more film to Frederick. We've even made it VERY easy for you:

CinemArts is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are tax deductable, to the extent allowed by law.


For general questions or more information about CinemArts, please email: